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Our Mission:

Provide aspiring entrepreneurs and existing business owners with a central repository to obtain guidance and resources in developing and maintaining a sustainable business organization and achieving their passion of transforming their business idea into reality.

Who is Smith Small Business Consultants, LLC?

Smith Small Business Consultants, LLC (SSBC) was formed by Cary Smith, a public accounting consultant. Cary worked with small business owners in developing and growing their business. During his career, he heard his clients express many frustrations about the time-consuming process of finding qualified professionals who were trustworthy and understood the small business owner’s needs.

Some of concerns expressed by many of his business clients included:

  • I understand I need a business plan; this sounds overwhelming and very time-consuming. Where do I obtain guidance and assistance in developing this document?
  • How do I know what legal entity will be best to protect my business and personal assets? What are the tax implications of the legal entity I select for my business?
  • How do I determine if there is a market for my product or service and who is my potential customer (target marketing)? Who is my competition? What makes my business different from the competition? How do I market to my target prospect? What should be my marketing and sales strategy?
  • What impact should the internet have on my business activities?
  • Where should I locate my business?

Cary conducted research and had discussions with existing small business owners and found that:

  • Many companies did not have a business plan, a budget or effective method to track sales and monitor expenses
  • Many business owners did not have a relationship or know professionals that could address their needs (i.e. attorney, CPA, banker, business insurance broker, etc.)
  • Underlying all these issues was the concern in finding competent, credible and trustworthy professionals that could help them achieve their goals for a reasonable fee.

Given this experience and knowledge, Cary decided that there must be a more efficient and effective means for the small business owner to obtain the resources and support to reduce business risks and resolve issues that may be restricting business growth.

He envisioned one place where the small business owner could obtain the guidance and support needed to develop and grow their business. Potential owner benefits would include:

  • Reducing time in finding qualified professional resources that understand the needs of the small business owner
  • Increasing time available for prospecting, marketing and sales related activities and less time on non-productive activities
  • Increasing time to focus on the issues that are the keys to the success of their business
  • More “quality of life” time for family activities

Cary’s vision resulted in the creation of Smith Small Business Consultants, LLC.

SSBC Small Business Advisors

A key element of the SSBC model was recognizing that traditional consulting organizations did not have in-house professionals with the expertise to meet the many and complex needs of the small business community. SSBC would address this void through the formation of the “SSBC Small Business Advisors” group. Each Advisor would be a professional in their respective discipline and experienced in working with small businesses. Advisors would not be SSBC employees and would provide services through a non-binding relationship with SSBC. Neither party would have a legal relationship nor responsibility for any services or fees of the other party.