Who is Smith Small Business Consultants, LLC?

Our Mission

Provide startup business owners or existing small business entrepreneurs the professional resources required to start, grow and develop their business. We work with clients as a partner for the long term to assist them as-needed in overcoming the many obstacles that the small business entrepreneur encounters in starting and growing their business.

Smith Small Business Consultants, LLC (SSBC) was formed to address the issues faced by small business owners in starting and growing a small business. SSBC is composed of a team of professionals in their respective fields and are specialist in working with small businesses and understanding their unique needs. When Cary Smith started his first consulting business, he encountered many frustrations in finding professionals with small business experience to assist him in forming his business. Finding an attorney, tax accountant, banker and other needed resources that were competent, creditable, and worthy of his trust required much research and interviewing activities taking away valuable time from promoting his business. Given this experience, Cary decided there must to be a much better approach to assist the an aspiring entra make the transition of their dream a reality. Thus, the creation of Smith Small Business Consultants, LLC.


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