Our Mission Statement:

Assist aspiring entrepreneurs in transforming their business ideas into sustainable growing businesses that achieves the financial, family and emotional goals that makes their lives complete.

Provide startup business owners or existing small business entrepreneurs the professional resources required to start, grow and develop their business. We work with clients as a partner for the long term to assist them as needed in overcoming the many obstacles that the small business entrepreneur encounters in starting and growing their business.

Our Goals:

Work with you in a “partnering relationship” through a formalized series of activities including:

  • Gaining an understanding of your current business operations,
  • Identifying business risks and other limitations that may impact the success of your business.
  • Create appropriate strategies to resolve or limit your business risks based on formalized cost/benefit analysis of options available that would enable you to effectively evaluate the significant of each risk.

Develop a long-term business relationship with you through:

  • Providing our services at a fair and reasonable fee
  • Demonstrating our commitment to serving your needs
  • Providing you on-going business advice and support on various business issues as your company grows and your needs change

Who is Smith Small Business Consultants, LLC?

Smith Small Business Consultants, LLC. (SSBC) was formed by Cary Smith. As a public accounting consultant, Cary worked with small businesses helping small business owners develop and grow their businesses. Cary heard his clients’ voice many frustrations including the significant time required (lost productivity.

Representative examples of concerns expressed by many business owners include:

  • I understand I need a business plan; this sounds overwhelming and very time-consuming. Where do I obtain assistance and guidance in developing this document?
  • How do I know what legal entity will be best to protect my business and personal assets? What are the tax implications of the legal entity I select for my business?
  • How do I determine if there is a market for my product or service and who is my potential customer (target marketing)? Who is my competition? What makes my business different from the competition? How do I market to my target prospect? What should be my sales process strategy?
  • What impact should the internet have on my business activities?
  • Where do I locate my business?

Thru research and discussions with existing small business owners he noted the following:

  • Business growth, operational effectiveness, and time management would significantly increase would have a positive effect on the business, as a whole, and reduce owner frustrations:
  • Many business owners did not have a relationship or know professionals that could address their needs (i.e. Attorney, CPA, Banker, Business insurance agent, etc.
  • Underlying all these issues was the concern in finding competent, credible and trustworthy professionals with reasonable fees and expertise in working with small businesses and helping me achieve my goals?

Given this experience, Cary decided there must be a much better approach to assist an aspiring entrepreneur in making the transition of their dream a reality. Thus, the creation of Smith Small Business Consultants, LLC.

SSBC Small Business Advisory Group

SSBC was created to provide a centralized location to address the above issues and other issues that impact the success of the small business community. Recognizing that SSBC nor most other consulting groups employ professionals with the expertise that the small business desperately needs to address this issue, SSBC created the “SSBC Small Business Advisory Group” with each Group member having a partnering relationship with SSBC.

Each member has been subjected to a formal evaluation process that included a personal interview, reference verification, and review of Better Business Bureau documentation, when available. Other information included in the evaluation are the intangible characteristics of commitment to serving small businesses, trustworthy, and quality customer service.

Representative Group members are professionals in their respective disciplines are experienced in working with small businesses and understanding their needs. Advisory Group members include:

  • Attorneys
  • CPAs
  • Bookkeepers
  • Bankers
  • IT Resources including web designers / hosting
  • Commercial Real Estate Brokers
  • Business Insurance Brokers
  • Web Designers/Hosting Specialists
  • Printed Media Specialists
  • Other resources as needed