Our methodology is based on an organized framework of processes to be completed for each project. This framework ensures that all activities are performed as outlined in the approved agreement, clarifies accountability for each activity and provides timely monitoring of project progress.

Our framework includes the following analyses:

  • Risks are identified and their impact on business or family stability is assessed.
  • Goals are identified to define major activities to be completed to reduce Risks and as benchmarks to measure project progress.
  • Objectives are developed to identify the major tasks that must be completed and provide checkpoint measurements of the progress in achieving each Goal.
  • Detailed tasks are identified to be completed to ensure that each Objective is accomplished.
  • Agreement by all parties to maintain ongoing communications throughout the project.

An inherent component of this methodology is the creation of a “partnering relationship” between You and SSBC. This relationship means all activities are mutually agreed upon by both parties prior to initiating any work.

Overview of Phases

Listed below is a summary of each phase and the actions to be performed. All activities will be discussed and agreed to in writing prior to the beginning of the Project.

Phase 1 – Document Project Scope:

  • Jointly identify the business risks that are limiting the success of your business
  • Tasks to be performed will be based on a cost/benefit analysis of each and the expected results
  • Task timelines, assignment of task responsibility
  • Metric data will be defined to measure the success of the tasks
  • Signed agreement by all parties for services as defined in this scope

Phase 2 – Periodic Status Reports:

  • Documents will be prepared bi-weekly or as-needed to communicate to all parties the project progress
  • Report information includes the status of each task
  • Comparison of projected /actual timelines with reasons for delays
  • Explanation of discrepancies, modifications required, and their impact on the project

Phase 3 – Final Report:

  • Provide summary of all objectives defined in Phase 1 – Document Project Scope
  • Summary of tasks performed and the results
  • Scope modifications, reasons and project impact
  • Comparison of task results with initial project results
  • List of additional actions that may be required due to issues identified but not performed in the project Phase 1 – Document Project Scope