Traditionally, entrepreneurs have had to invest precious time in finding resources with the appropriate skills they needed to grow their business. The ability to find one organization that could meet the needs of the small business community was an unlikely possibility. Then there was always the unknown about the timeliness and quality of the services to be provide. Finally, the issue of reasonable fees.

Recognizing this void, SSBC took a unique approach by creating the “SSBC Small Business Advisors” group. Advisors are competent professionals with a wide range of experience working with small businesses. Advisors are organizations who have agreed to a “business partner relationship” with SSBC. No legal relationship exists between Advisors and SSBC.

Representative examples of our services include:

  • Business planning assistance including conducting workshops on developing a business plan, plan components and advice on the information that should be included in an effective plan.
  • Evaluation of legal alternatives to assist startup and existing business entrepreneurs in evaluating the legal entity form that best limits their business liabilities and protects family assets.
  • Feasibility studies of the need for your product or service. Activities may include target market Identification, competitor assessment, competitor differentiation, and potential risks that could impact the sustainability of your business.
  • Assess the use of the internet as a means of marketing, sales, data analysis, trend monitoring, etc., that could impact your business operations.
  • Assess pros and cons of a brick and mortar location, the internet or both.
  • Develop budgets, cash flow analysis and key indicator metrics to monitor the condition of the business.

Our SSBC professionals are supported by our Advisors who specialize in such areas as:

  • Legal issues (business and personal)
  • Business succession and estate planning
  • Financial statement preparation, regulatory requirements and tax preparation
  • Banking and financing alternatives
  • Accounting and operations software selection and assessments
  • IT resource management and support including internet, web design and hosting
  • Business insurance assessments and needs
  • Commercial real estate assistance in the selection of viable physical locations
  • Human resources support, including payroll related activities
  • Print and media design

What should you expect from working with SSBC?

A commitment to you through a “Partnering Relationship” that includes:

  • Investment on our part to understanding your current business operations, your goals, your risk tolerance, the impact of the success or failure of your business journey and its impact on you and your family
  • Professionals with experience in serving the needs of small businesses
  • Services at Fair and Reasonable Fees recognizing that you have budget constraints
  • We understand that each organization is unique, and that one approach does not meet the needs of each business. Our strategies and recommendations are designed to meet your specific needs
  • Honesty and transparency are a pillar of our relationship with our clients. We will challenge your assumptions, beliefs and thoughts as a means of assisting you in making informed decisions based on the reality of the circumstances rather than perceptions that could significantly impact the sustainability of your business
  • Ongoing communications, business advice and support both during and after project completion as your business grows and your needs change
  • Timely and amenable resolution of all issues that impact the quality of our services or our business relationship

Take the Next Step

We offer interested parties a free, no commitment, one-hour consultation. The purpose of this meeting is to enable you to get to know SSBC and our experience in serving the needs of the small business community. We welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you may have and encourage ongoing communications throughout the meeting.

Cary Smith, SSBC Owner/President, will be personally involved in this meeting to ensure we understand the risks or concerns that may be limiting your ability to achieve your goals (business, family and emotional) and the impact of the success or failure of your business in achieving these goals. This activity will assist us in understanding your thought process and feelings about risks that will ultimately impact your business decisions.

Based on this meeting, we will discuss with you how we can assist you in resolving the issues that are discussed in our meeting and how our “partnering relationship” concept can provide positive benefits to the success of your business. We are confident that our meeting will result in mutual agreement on possible business relationships.

Contact us to to initiate the scheduling of your free consultation.