How do I identify the individuals with the skills that will help me address my needs and grow my business? A Coach, a Mentor, or a Consultant?

A CoachMentor or a Consultant have become increasingly necessary in today’s rapidly changing business environment. Reading internet articles and business periodicals provide much discussion about what support an entrepreneur needs to grow their business. Do I need a Coach, Mentor, or Consultant? Representative interpretations of what is the purpose of each include:

  • Coach – Assists clients in committing to action and maintaining the motivation and commitment needed to achieve the client’s goals. In many instances the answers originate from the client with the coach functioning as a feed-back mechanism.
  • Mentor – Provides training or personal development training that helps the client achieve a goal. These activities may develop in long-term relationship. Knowledge of your industry may or may not be addressed.
  • Consultant – An expert in his field who provides professional assistance, technical advice, opinions and assist the client in implementing the defined activities.

These definitions make the evaluation process even more complicated.

The reality is that titles are meaningless for guaranteeing the success of your business and its growth. You want someone you can trust, understands your business, the issues you are facing at whatever stage of developing your business. Based on this information you want someone who can provide you the guidance and assistance in resolving issues and helping you progress through the journey in developing your business and making your business sustainable in the future.

The Smith Small Business Consultants Difference

Smith Small Business Consultants recognizes the complexity and quandary of which service type do you need. Our methodology is based on providing you a team comprised of “Coaching Advisors”. This team is a combination of coaching, mentoring, and consulting services specialists that support you based on your specific needs. Our objective is helping you achieve your business dreams and providing a straight-forward game-plan for accomplishing your objectives.

What should you expect from the Coaching Advisors Program experience with Smith Small Business Consultants?

  • Defined specific objectives to be accomplished
  • Be challenged about your current business activities
  • Be open to new ideas
  • Be held accountability for completion of agreed upon tasks
  • Expect to make changes in your emotional and business thought processes and how you perceive yourself and your business
  • Action plans designed to accomplish your objectives in agreed upon time frames
  • Assessments of activity status periodically, recognizing that action plan modifications are acceptable

Interested in learning more about our Coaching Advisors Program with Smith Small Business Consultants and how this program can assist you in developing and growing your business? Complete the request below for a Free 30-minute consultation that is designed for us to understand your business and you to learn about us. During this consultation, we will:

  • Obtain an understanding of your business idea
  • Determine the current stage of your business growth
  • Current business strategies and activities
  • Issues, both business and personnel, that you are facing that may be limiting the continued achievement of your business dream
  • Your goals for the next 1-3-5 years

We will explain how our services and capabilities can assist you in resolving your concerns and enable you to continue your new business journey.