Much has been written about the benefits to the small business entrepreneur in using a Mentor, Coach, or a Consultant to assist them in the start-up and growth of their business. But how does the small business owner decide which service best meets their needs today, tomorrow, or next year as business issues change? Below is a brief overview of the basic activities we offer in each of these areas:

  • Mentor – Focus on the needs of the individual. Teach and share ideas that help clarify personal and business issues. Help the business owner organize and prioritize activities to be performed to achieve specific objectives relative to personal or business goals.
  • Coach – Focus on specific performance improvement (i.e. increase revenue, cost reduction, sales, and marketing strategies, etc.). Assist clients in committing to action and maintaining the motivation needed to achieve their goals. In many instances we are considered a” facilitator of change”, assisting the entrepreneur in preparing an action plan and functioning as a feed-back and support mechanism as they progress through the process.
  • Consultant – Focus on specific concepts, processes, or tasks. Provide resources as-need in developing and implementing strategies where the entrepreneur may not have the skills nor in-house resources to implement and achieve the desired goals. In this capacity we may function as a mentor and coach. See our Methodology Section for details on our consulting services including resource support and implementation activities.

While there are differences in the activities of each of these groups, SSBC believes that a business owner may need assistance in any or all these areas depending on the issue and business growth stage. The reality is that titles are meaningless for guaranteeing the success and growth of your business. You want someone you can trust, that is honest, and understands the issues you are facing at whatever stage you may be in the growth of your business. SSBC’s consultants meet the above criteria and can provide the guidance and assistance in developing your business today and in the future.

What should you expect in working with SSBC?

  • Defined specific objectives and agendas for each meeting
  • New ideas that challenge your current business activities and how you perceive your business and yourself as a business owner
  • Action plans designed to accomplish your objectives in agreed upon time frames
  • Be held accountable for completion of agreed upon tasks
  • Periodic assessments of progress in completing agreed upon action plans

Want to Learn More?

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